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3 Things I have learned from Rudolf Pflugfelder

Rudolf Pflugfelder is a former Russian weightlifter who has won an Olympic Gold Medal in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and a former Russian weightlifting coach who produced many Olympic Champions, World Champions and trained athletes that broke over 200 world records. When he started out weightlifting he was working in[...]

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Before’n’After #116 Interview – Florian Keller

Florian Keller kam zu Beginn des Jahres zu einem Kniebeugen Tag ins YPSI. Darauf folgten die Module 1 bis 3 der YPSI Trainer B-Lizenz. Dann hat er mit dem YPSI Online Coaching Programm die Zeit bis zum Eingangscheck des Before’n’After Programm übertragt. Mit viel Begeisterung für Neues und einigen fortgeschrittenen Methoden[...]

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The Lemon Acid Alkaline Challenge Test

The Acid Alkaline Balance has been a hot topic for years. Normalizing acid in the body is absolutely critical for you to be healthy, vital and to make fast progress in the gym. Whats often overlooked is that the body is very efficient at normalizing acid alkaline balance by itself.[...]

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Bulgarian Split Squat

Why the Bulgarian Split Squat is a fairy tale

Bulgarian Split Squat is a term that is often used for a rear-foot elevated Split Squat. This term originated when the Assistant Coach of the Bulgarian Weightlifting National Team Angel Spassov toured the US in the late 80s to speak on the training methods of the highly successful Bulgarian Weightlifting[...]

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How to accelerate body comp results

Did you know continuous glucose monitoring is key to accelerate body comp transformations? Carbohydrates and sugars significantly effect body composition due to changes in blood sugar levels.  In simple terms, the higher the average blood sugar level and the greater the blood sugar fluctuations, the harder is it to get[...]

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JC Simo Milos Sarcev

The craziest leg workout I have ever heard of

Some of the craziest training stories there are, are about training legs. There is the one about Olympic Bronze Medalist in Shotput Dylan Armstrong squatting 300kg in the first leg workout after a 4 month lay off. There is the one about 8time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman deadlifting and squatting[...]

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Skyrella Nudelsalat

High Protein Nudelsalat mit Skyrella

Variation ist aus verschiedenen Gründen einer der wichtigsten Aspekte der Ernährung.  Wer nur noch Eier zum Frühstück, Salat mit Huhn zu Mittag und Burger Patties mit Brokkoli zu Abend isst, der wird kaum dauerhaft seine Ernährungsumstellung hin zu einer proteinreicheren und kohlenhydratärmere Ernährung, die mit einem breiten Spektrum an gesunden[...]

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Salt vs. Himalaya Salt

I am a big proponent of the Lime-Salt-Water. Actually the first ever article I published back in 2009 was on this tip and since then it has taken off. I frequently see statements about it. And some make me wonder. Specifically about the Himalaya Salt as being overrated. As these[...]

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