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2 Rzeczy Które Wiem Na Pewno O Odżywianiu 

1. Węglowodany nie są ani złe ani dobre – są niezbędne, jeśli na nie zasługujesz 121kg kulturysta z tkanką tłuszczową 6% powie Ci, że potrzebujesz węglowodanów. Czy ta rada przyda się kolesiowi który waży 86kg przy 21% tkanki tłuszczowej. Z pewnością nie. Tu nie chodzi  też o to czy węgle[...]

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Tobias YPSI Before'n'After Hautfaltenmessung Erfolg Training Stuttgart Wolfgang Unsoeld

„Proste, ale nie łatwe”

„Proste, ale nie łatwe” Dean Lister To cytat Mistrza Świata w Grapplingu Dean’a Lister’a, którego używa zawsze gdy opisuje daną technikę na prowadzonych przez niego treningach lub seminariach. Jest to jeden z moich ulubionych cytatów, które usłyszałem w zeszłym roku, ponieważ tłumaczy wiele rzeczy. Poznałem Dean’a w zeszłym wrześniu na[...]

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Bachofer Kreuzheben ganz hinten

What is Tempo?

Tempo is one of most important loading parameters as it has a major impact on the training effect. A simple example is 15 Reps is not 15 Reps. 15 Reps at a 1010 Tempo is 30 seconds total time under tension. 15 Reps at a 3010 Tempo is 60 seconds[...]

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Catering during the YPSI Training Camps and Seminars

From the next  YPSI Training Camp, YPSI Semi Private Internship YPSI Nutrition Seminar (Module 4) and the YPSI Modules 5-6 on, the Premium Meal Prep Service “Your Fitmeal” will exclusive cater meals for the participants of the Camps. Your FitMeal, thats ready to eat meals. Every meal contains 300g high-quality “Animal” and 200g high-quality “Plant”. Animal[...]

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Thomas Dybdahl Squat Klokov

Power Squat vs. Olympic Squat

One of the most common discussions in the training world is whats the better Squat – a Lowbar or Highbar Squat? Similar than the discussion between a Squat with elevated heels and flat heels, there is no best Squat. Both Techniques, the Lowbar Squat which I call Power Squat and the[...]

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A simple trick to improve your sleep….

„The general that sleeps the most, wins the war“ There is always one quote per year that I constantly remind myself of. This was the one in 2015. Why? Because its on point. And because I love great sleep. As everyone does. And there is no substitute for great sleep. The[...]

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Do more Curls to do more Chin Ups…

One of the most important principles in program design for the fastest results is: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Strengthen the weakest link and the whole chain gets stronger…” Especially in women the weakest link and therefore the limiting factor in training Chin Ups, is[...]

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Don´t chew gum.

None of my clients and athletes are allowed to chew gum… Even though there is a short-term increase in cognitive performance when chewing gum, the mid- and long-term disadvantages outweigh this benefit. Why? 1. Increase of Suprailiac Bodyfat – Regardless whether the chewing gum is sugar-free or not, it will[...]

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