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Parycja Maliszewska Squat YPSI Shorttrack Speedskating

The Butt Wink has its Advantages…

Over the last years I have been asked numerous times about the Butt Wink. My answer is simple: The Butt Wink is to strength training, what butter is to nutrition. It has a bad reputation for no substantial reason… What is the Butt Wink? A posterior tilt of the pelvis[...]

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2 Things I Know For Sure About Training

1. In the end, the only thing that matters is progress Strength training is a numbers game. In the end, 4 numbers matter: RM load lifted, total load lifted, lean mass and bodyfat percentage. The first being the most important to ensure progress in the other 3. Especially in the[...]

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YPSI Peter Böhm MMA FT Club Augsburg

2 Things I Know For Sure About Nutrition

1. Carbs are neither good, nor bad – they are necessary, if you deserve them The 121kg Bodybuilder at 6% will tell you that you have to have carbs. Does that advice count for 86kg guy at 21%? Definetly not. Its not about carbs being good or bad. Assuming that[...]

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