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How to accelerate body comp results

Did you know continuous glucose monitoring is key to accelerate body comp transformations? Carbohydrates and sugars significantly effect body composition due to changes in blood sugar levels.  In simple terms, the higher the average blood sugar level and the greater the blood sugar fluctuations, the harder is it to get[...]

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JC Simo Milos Sarcev

The craziest leg workout I have ever heard of

Some of the craziest training stories there are, are about training legs. There is the one about Olympic Bronze Medalist in Shotput Dylan Armstrong squatting 300kg in the first leg workout after a 4 month lay off. There is the one about 8time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman deadlifting and squatting[...]

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Salt vs. Himalaya Salt

I am a big proponent of the Lime-Salt-Water. Actually the first ever article I published back in 2009 was on this tip and since then it has taken off. I frequently see statements about it. And some make me wonder. Specifically about the Himalaya Salt as being overrated. As these[...]

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Programs vs. Systems

When considering strengthtraining and program design one of the most important distinctions to make is differentiating between a training program and a training system. And therefore a programs-based approach and systems-based approach. Program Design is often explained and taught by individual programs. Which is just an isolated view on one[...]

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Three Considerations for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is the latest hype in the diet and nutrition world. Intermittent Fasting has many benefits which are scientifically proven. I still use Intermittent Fasting only in a few specific cases and only certain types of Intermittent Fasting . This article gives on overview over the why and how. What[...]

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Sauna, Heat & Insulin Sensitivity

After my recent trip to Dubai in August, 42° was the average daily temperature, I have dedicated a large chunk of my study time to the effects of heat on multiple mechanism in the body. I came across some quite fascinating research and will do a multiple article serious on[...]

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Dubai, Heat & Brain Function

We have been on a vacation to Dubai this August. All travel sites do recommend to not visit Dubai in the summer months due to the extreme heat. This heat was actually the main reason why we chose Dubai as the destination. The week we spent there we had about[...]

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YPSI Erfahrungen

Paralysis by Analysis

Whatever you want to do or start especially in the areas of training or nutrition, these days you will find plenty of conflicting information. Eat meat, yes or no? Take multivitamin, yes or no? Lift weights, yes or no? Go for a run, yes or no? And when anyone is[...]

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Peter Sobotta YPSI Choke Tim Leidecker

Food-induced Hypoperfusion of the Brain 

Optimal brain function is important. Important for physical and cognitive health. And for progress in training and competition. Optimal brain function depends on optimal blood flow to the brain. Blood flow is called perfusion. Hypoperfusion is therefore a lack of bloodflow. And quantity next to quality of bloodflow is an[...]

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apple pectin leaky gut

Homemade High Pectin Apple Sauce for a Leaky Gut

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.  An old saying that everyone heard before. A statement that is often based on the vitamin and micronutrients content of the apple. Yet there is actually much more to an apple than just that. Next to some well-known benefits, it has been[...]

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