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Peter Sobotta YPSI Ben Saunders

The Illusion of Hard Work

Putting in hard work and being a hard worker is something that comes up often in the context of success in business and sports. Many times entrepreneurs and athletes claim they gonna win or won because they are hard workers. Which is never true. Hard work doesn’t matter has much[...]

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Nico Penzer John Danaher

3 Things I have learned from John Danaher

In periodization there is the principle of: „The greater the width of the general preparation, the greater the height of the specific preparation“. The same applies to learning. Over the last 10 years I have studied and learned from some of the greatest minds, that also have the greatest track[...]

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functional nutrition

Functional Nutrition

There is Functional Training. And there is Functional Medicine. And lately there has been the growing field of Functional Nutrition. What is Functional Nutrition? The term functional is defined as „something that is of function“. And nutrition is defined as „the sum of the processes by which one takes in[...]

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Your Leaky Gut & Performance

The digestive system basically made out of three parts: the stomach, the large intestine and the small intestine. And the digestive system has two primary purposes. First, healthy digestion processes food so that the important nutrients enter bloodstream and nourish the body. At the same time the digestive system filters[...]

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Elite Training Brasil Internation Meeting Expert Roundtable Wolfgang Unsoeld Mladen Jovanovic Sophia Nimphius Nick Winkelman Luigi Marino

Pearls from Brazil

Its been two weeks that I travelled to Sao Paulo, Brasil to speak at the Elite Training Conference 2018. It has been a great four days with four different speakers which each one to present a full two hours every day. A great concept for a conference for both attendants[...]

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Wolfgang Unsoeld Book Ask the Coach Review

Three Principles for Success as a Personal Trainer

Being a Personaltrainer for over 10 years, running my own Personaltraining gym for 8 years, having produced results with a very wide variety of clients from general population to World Champions and teaching the methods and systems I use since 2012, I consistently get asked for advice on how to become[...]

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Anti Aging, Biomarkers & Strength Training

Improving oneself is a hot topic these days. What started as the practice of “Anti-Aging” in the 90s, has become “Biohacking” in the last years. The goal is basically the same, to improve oneself. To improve physical and cognitive performance and life quality as well as lifespan. This article looks[...]

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