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Optimal Training and Nutrition during Ramadan

Due to the popular demand we have decided to translate our german article on “Optimale Ernährung und Training während des Ramadans” into english. What is Ramadan? The word Ramadan is Arabic and is derived from the root ramida or arramad, which means “burning heat and dryness” (especially of the soil).[...]

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Sven Knebel YPSI Bodybuilding Wolfgang Unsoeld Peri Workout Glycogen Supercompensation Protocoll

Peri-Workout Carb Loading Protocol for more Hypertrophy

Carbohydrates are neither bad nor good in general, they are both, in the right scenario. So in simple terms, carbohydrates are your enemy if you don’t metabolize them properly. And carbohydrates are your friend if you metabolize them properly. Many of my clients do best with a low-carb approach. Still,[...]

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Concussions & Strengthtraining

Consussions are a hot topic in the sports world today. Two years ago “Concussion” starring blockbuster actor Will Smith hit the movie theaters. The movie portrays the work of Dr. Bennet Omalu, who was the first to discover and publish findings on the effect of repeated concussions in American football[...]

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The Immune System & Muscular Hypertrophy 

The first thing that comes up when we think about the immune system is a cold. Yet the immune system does much more that just protect us from a cold, it is basically here to protect us from all invaders and stressors. It acts as the armed forces of our[...]

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Gluten is not bad for you…

…bad gluten is bad for you. So what is gluten? And what is bad gluten? Gluten is a family of proteins found in many grains. The family of gluten proteins includes wheat, rye, barley, rice, corn, quinoa, oats and more. Some of the members of the gluten proteins are primarily[...]

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Introducing: The YPSI Online Coaching Program

The idea to do an YPSI Online Coaching Program has been around for years. As an obvious move to spread a system that works very well. And to make our methods more accessible to potential clients from all over the planet. There have always been three major drawbacks to this[...]

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Cristina Stanciu MMA Squats Kniebeugen Training

Squats for Fighters

Fighters have been some of my favorite athletes to work with since the beginning.. One of the first competitive athletes I ever worked with in 2007 was second league wrestler Nico Braun. The first competitive athlete to book four sessions of personal training per week at the YPSI was Kickboxer Emre Oezusakiz in[...]

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