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Introducing: The YPSI Online Coaching Program

The idea to do an YPSI Online Coaching Program has been around for years. As an obvious move to spread a system that works very well. And to make our methods more accessible to potential clients from all over the planet. There have always been three major drawbacks to this[...]

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Cristina Stanciu MMA Squats Kniebeugen Training

Squats for Fighters

Fighters have been some of my favorite athletes to work with since the beginning.. One of the first competitive athletes I ever worked with in 2007 was second league wrestler Nico Braun. The first competitive athlete to book four sessions of personal training per week at the YPSI was Kickboxer Emre Oezusakiz in[...]

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Frederick Luethcke Bob Training

Fitness is Specific

Getting fit is the goal of everyone that trains. The first question that one has to ask is: what is fit? Everyone defines this differently. The simple reason for this is: fitness is specific. Especially in the context of competitive sports, the definitions are very different. And with it the[...]

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YPSI Training Weekends Ebook Book Wolfgang Unsoeld

Introducing: “Training Weekends” Ebook

Training Programs and Systems that call for a high volume and high frequency such as the Strength and Mass Holiday, Arm Holiday and Squat Holiday have been very popular recently. The why is simple. They provide a lot of progress and success in a short time. More size. More strength.[...]

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Sven Knebel IFBB Bodybuilding YPSI Wolfgang Unsoeld Buch Book

Strong Men got Strong Backs…

“There is no such thing as a weak man with a strong back.” Ed Coan A strong back, from the fifth lumbar vertebra to the first cervical vertebra, is the base for maximal progress and success in training. No other muscle group has such a big effect on the rest[...]

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Cortisol & Blood Sugar

Everyone who knows a bit about nutrition knows that the consumption of carbohydrates elevates blood sugar. Next to carbohydrates and also proteins there are five hormones that can also elevate blood sugar. Independent of carbohydrate consumption. What is blood sugar? From a chemical perspective blood sugar is not just some[...]

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Sven Knebel YPSI IFBB Bodybuilding

Before’n’After #107 Files – Sven Knebel

The intent of the Before’n’After Files is to give more insight into the training, nutrition and supplementation of our clients Before’n’After successes. This time it’s Sven Knebel’s 18-week transformation in which he lost 10,5% body fat.  For Sven’s Before’n’After Pictures click here A sample day during Sven’s journey to this transformation looked[...]

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Eat Animal for Breakfast

Muesli is considered the classic healthy option, while grabbing something quick from the bakery is for those on the go. There’s only time for an egg on the weekend. But is muesli really that healthy? And is a sweet treat from the bakery truly the only fast solution? We are[...]

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