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Dubai, Heat & Brain Function

We have been on a vacation to Dubai this August. All travel sites do recommend to not visit Dubai in the summer months due to the extreme heat. This heat was actually the main reason why we chose Dubai as the destination. The week we spent there we had about[...]

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YPSI Erfahrungen

Paralysis by Analysis

Whatever you want to do or start especially in the areas of training or nutrition, these days you will find plenty of conflicting information. Eat meat, yes or no? Take multivitamin, yes or no? Lift weights, yes or no? Go for a run, yes or no? And when anyone is[...]

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Peter Sobotta YPSI Choke Tim Leidecker

Food-induced Hypoperfusion of the Brain 

Optimal brain function is important. Important for physical and cognitive health. And for progress in training and competition. Optimal brain function depends on optimal blood flow to the brain. Blood flow is called perfusion. Hypoperfusion is therefore a lack of bloodflow. And quantity next to quality of bloodflow is an[...]

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apple pectin leaky gut

Homemade High Pectin Apple Sauce for a Leaky Gut

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.  An old saying that everyone heard before. A statement that is often based on the vitamin and micronutrients content of the apple. Yet there is actually much more to an apple than just that. Next to some well-known benefits, it has been[...]

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The Insulin Myth

„Insulin is the only hormone that one has complete control of, as one never accidentally eats anything“ Thats a statement that has been around for while. A statement that is false. Its a myth. Yet I have recently just been told the exact same again. This statement is based on the assumption[...]

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Carnivore Diet

The word carnivore comes from the latin words caro, meaning “meat” and vorare meaning “to devour“. So it basically means meat eater, which terms this diet nicely, as all you can eat on the Carnivore Diet is meat. Thats correct its a meat only diet. And it brings some benefits.[...]

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Peter Sobotta YPSI Ben Saunders

The Illusion of Hard Work

Putting in hard work and being a hard worker is something that comes up often in the context of success in business and sports. Many times entrepreneurs and athletes claim they gonna win or won because they are hard workers. Which is never true. Hard work doesn’t matter has much[...]

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Nico Penzer John Danaher

3 Things I have learned from John Danaher

In periodization there is the principle of: „The greater the width of the general preparation, the greater the height of the specific preparation“. The same applies to learning. Over the last 10 years I have studied and learned from some of the greatest minds, that also have the greatest track[...]

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