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Mert Özyildirim Cage GMC YPSI MMA

Conditioning through Strengthtraining for Athletes

Conditioning is defined as: “The ability to repeat a certain effort with minimal fatigue.”  In sports conditioning is needed to be able to repeat an effort which is the base of over 90% of the sports out there. Classic examples are sports like Soccer, Handball, Basketball, Ice hockey, Boxing, MMA and[...]

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Mert Özyildirim Latzug Klimmzug Open Kinetic Chain Closed Koinetic Chain Lat Pulldown Pullup

Open Kinetic Chain vs. Closed Kinetic Chain

In 1875, the concept of the  Kinetic Chain originated when Franz Reuleaux a mechanical engineer concluded that if a series of overlapping segments were connected via pin joints, these interlocking joints would create a system that would allow the movement of one joint to affect the movement of another joint within[...]

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The Devils Triset

There is Supersets. There is Giantsets. And in between lies the Triset. A Triset are 3 sets of 3 exercises with 10-15 seconds in-between the 3 sets. The goal of a Triset is to move greater volume for more muscular damage as a base of more hypertrophy and improved conditioning. The Devlis Triset is[...]

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The YPSI Arm Holiday

Who follows the english articles on this is already familiar with the YPSI Squat Holiday… The Squat Holiday is a short, high-feequenvy training program that calls for 18 squat workouts in 6 days. Thats 3 workouts per day for almost a week. The body will react to this shorterm overreaching[...]

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Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-16 um 13.13.24

Ten things I learned…  about Jetlag

Just finished a 60 page power point presentation on “transmeridian dyschronism” aka „Jetlag“ for a corporate client.  Jetlag is medically referred to as desynchronosis or circadian dysrhythmia, a physiological condition which results from alterations to the body’s circadian rhythm resulting from rapid long-distance trans-meridian (east–west or west–east) travel on high-speed aircraft. Along the way gathering[...]

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Goran Kreuzheben

The Optimal Position of the Neck during Deadlifts

One question that I get asked a lot when teaching deadlifts is about the optimal position of the neck in deadlift. Some say the spine should be neutral. Looking at deadlift pictures on ypsi.de you see that everyone has a slight extension of the neck in the starting position. Which[...]

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molcajete guacamole

How to make great Guacamole

I have recently been to Mexico on a trip throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. Getting to know the Mexican cuisine beyond tacos and quesadillas was one of the tasks of the trip. Which led to a cooking class with a chef named Juan Pablo. Very funny guy. And he knew his craft[...]

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Peter Sobotta MMA UFC YPSI Planet Eater Wolfgang Unsoeld Incline Press Schrägbankdrücken

2 Things I Know For Sure About The Incline Press

Basically everyone who trains with barbells does the Flat Benchpress. Its the single most popular exercise in weight training of all time. The Flat Benchpress close cousin, the Incline Press, doesn’t get much attention though. Why? Because is rare someone uses proper weights on it. In history there are some[...]

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Clean Pull 180kg Markus Bachofer Bobsled Rugby YPSI Power

The Clean Pull

When people think of the weightlifting exercises they typically think of Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. While both Olympic lifts are great exercises for athletes to transform maximal strength into power, there are many variations of those two that can be used as assistance lifts and as main lifts of[...]

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Goran-Sirovina-YPSI-211kg-Back Squat

2 Things I Know For Sure About Squats

The Squat is often called the King of all Exercises. Its the most popular full body exercise in weight training of all time. As an exercise, the Squat has its own history. Its roots stretch back to the days when weight training was the domain of professional strongmen, who performed incredible[...]

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