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molcajete guacamole

How to make great Guacamole

I have recently been to Mexico on a trip throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. Getting to know the Mexican cuisine beyond tacos and quesadillas was one of the tasks of the trip. Which led to a cooking class with a chef named Juan Pablo. Very funny guy. And he knew his craft[...]

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Peter Sobotta MMA UFC YPSI Planet Eater Wolfgang Unsoeld Incline Press Schrägbankdrücken

2 Things I Know For Sure About The Incline Press

Basically everyone who trains with barbells does the Flat Benchpress. Its the single most popular exercise in weight training of all time. The Flat Benchpress close cousin, the Incline Press, doesn’t get much attention though. Why? Because is rare someone uses proper weights on it. In history there are some[...]

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Clean Pull 180kg Markus Bachofer Bobsled Rugby YPSI Power

The Clean Pull

When people think of the weightlifting exercises they typically think of Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. While both Olympic lifts are great exercises for athletes to transform maximal strength into power, there are many variations of those two that can be used as assistance lifts and as main lifts of[...]

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Goran-Sirovina-YPSI-211kg-Back Squat

2 Things I Know For Sure About Squats

The Squat is often called the King of all Exercises. Its the most popular full body exercise in weight training of all time. As an exercise, the Squat has its own history. Its roots stretch back to the days when weight training was the domain of professional strongmen, who performed incredible[...]

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YPSI Trainer A Licence Wolfgang Unsoeld Certification Personaltrainer A Lizenz

Introducing: YPSI Trainer A-Licence Exam & Thesis

For the first time in April 2017 the english Modules 1 to 6 of the YPSI Trainer Certification will in conclude with the YPSI Trainer A-Licence Exam & Thesis. The Exam consists of 60 questions. To pass 94% of the questions need to answered correct. The Thesis consists of a case[...]

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YPSI MMA Mert Oezyildirim Özyildirim Coach Trainer Planet Eater

2 Things I Know For Sure About Conditioning

Athletes need physical conditioning. Its one of the most trained physical abilities. What is Conditioning? Conditioning is the ability to repeat a certain effort with minimal fatigue.  Classic examples are team sports like Soccer, American Football, Basketball, Ice hockey and all combat sports. In those sports it is crucial to keep[...]

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boat latvia yves nadeau wolfgang unsoeld shorttrack speedskating 2010

The Three Types of Coaches

By definition, coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training, advice and guidance. Occasionally, coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other[...]

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Tobias YPSI Before'n'After Hautfaltenmessung Erfolg Training Stuttgart Wolfgang Unsoeld

“Simple, but not easy”

“Simple, but not easy” Dean Lister This is a quote that Grappling World Champion Dean Lister uses all the time when he gives training sessions and seminars in grappling and BJJ to describe a technique. And its one of the best quotes I have heard last year as it hits many nails[...]

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YPSI Training Camp Adam Ceslik Dario Di Giovine Results

The Task of the YPSI Training Camps

“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” To get the most out of any educational experience, theory must be combined with practice for optimal information retention and a maximal learning effect. With seminars on training that means next to understanding training, program design,[...]

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