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A simple trick to improve your sleep….

„The general that sleeps the most, wins the war“ There is always one quote per year that I constantly remind myself of. This was the one in 2015. Why? Because its on point. And because I love great sleep. As everyone does. And there is no substitute for great sleep. The[...]

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Do more Curls to do more Chin Ups…

One of the most important principles in program design for the fastest results is: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Strengthen the weakest link and the whole chain gets stronger…” Especially in women the weakest link and therefore the limiting factor in training Chin Ups, is[...]

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Don´t chew gum.

None of my clients and athletes are allowed to chew gum… Even though there is a short-term increase in cognitive performance when chewing gum, the mid- and long-term disadvantages outweigh this benefit. Why? 1. Increase of Suprailiac Bodyfat – Regardless whether the chewing gum is sugar-free or not, it will[...]

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Hungarian Shorttrack Speedskating Nationalteam Wolfgang Unsoeld Strength Coach

The Life and Fast Times of Coach Wolfgang Unsöld

Interview from summer 2011 How a Coach turned around a nation’s speed skating team… Anyone who has ever attended a Strengthtraining Seminar anywhere in the world in the last 1,5  years has probably met Germany’s Wolfgang Unsöld. He’s completed 21 courses in that time. Such knowledge, along with his growing reputation as[...]

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Goran-Sirovina-YPSI-211kg-Back Squat

The Squat Day

One of the main factors that holds most trainee’s progress back is perfect exercise execution and technique. Which directly creates one of the main challenges of every Strength Coach and Personal Trainer – to teach your clients and athletes perfect exercise execution and technique that is sustainable. “Practice doesn’t make[...]

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The Squat Holiday

A holiday gets associated with rest and recovery – not in this case. This one is grueling. It is composed of 18 training sessions in 6 days – and all you do is squat. The inspiration for the squat holiday came from one of the if not the most productive routines[...]

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The Before’n’After Files – Frederick Lüthcke

The intent of the Before’n’After Files is to give more insight into the training, nutrition and supplementation of our clients Before’n’After successes.. This time it’s German U18 Rugby National team Player Frederick Lütchke’s 30-week preparation for the U18 Rugby European Championships Nutrition and Supplementation 7:00 Wake up ¼ Tsp. Himalayan[...]

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Wolfgang Unsoeld Preston Greens Clemson Tigers

6 Easy Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Seminars

One of the major challenges in every seminar is to maximize information retention. One can assume that the average listener remembers only between 10-20% of the information given in a lecture. That’s too little. Way too little. By using some easy tricks, there‘ s chance to increase information retention up[...]

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Parycja Maliszewska Squat YPSI Shorttrack Speedskating

The Butt Wink has its Advantages…

Over the last years I have been asked numerous times about the Butt Wink. My answer is simple: The Butt Wink is to strength training, what butter is to nutrition. It has a bad reputation for no substantial reason… What is the Butt Wink? A posterior tilt of the pelvis[...]

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