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3 Things, that I have learned from Juan Carlos Simo

Around 2009 I have heard the first time of a group of Trainers from the Dominican Republic, their „Maestro“ Juan Carlos Simo and their enthusiasm, passion and hunger for good training. Juan Carlos is known to produce big and strong girls and guys. Girls that can do 18 chinups. Guys that[…]

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3 Things that I have learned in 2018

Since 2018 is over, its time for a recap. Its been a very busy year again, seeing 40 to 60 clients every week, releasing 4 books and teaching on the road in Berlin, Munich, Hasselt, Brugge, London, Sao Paulo, Melbourne and Sydney. As in every year there were many new[…]

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3 Things I have learned from Rudolf Pflugfelder

Rudolf Pflugfelder is a former Russian weightlifter who has won an Olympic Gold Medal in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and a former Russian weightlifting coach who produced many Olympic Champions, World Champions and trained athletes that broke over 200 world records. When he started out weightlifting he was working in[…]

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3 Things I have learned from John Danaher

In periodization there is the principle of: „The greater the width of the general preparation, the greater the height of the specific preparation“. The same applies to learning. Over the last 10 years I have studied and learned from some of the greatest minds, that also have the greatest track[…]

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3 Things to take away from this weekends YPSI Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Bob Rakowski

This weekend the first ever YPSI Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Bob Rakowski will take place at the YPSI in Stuttgart with attendants from all over Germany, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Colombia, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finnland and Australia. The focus for the YPSI to offer this seminar[…]

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3 Gründe, warum Du Kohlenhydrate am Abend essen solltest

Kohlenhydrate sind wahrscheinlich der am meisten missverstandene der drei Makronährstoffe. Unter anderem deshalb, weil Kohlenhydrate in den verschiedensten Formen auftauchen und der Bedarf von Mensch zu Mensch sehr unterschiedlich ist, gibt es viel Verwirrung über ein eigentlich simples Thema. Low Carb, Paleo, If it fits your macros, Kalorien zählen, Intermitted[…]

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