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6 Easy Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Seminars

One of the major challenges in every seminar is to maximize information retention. One can assume that the average listener remembers only between 10-20% of the information given in a lecture. That’s too little. Way too little. By using some easy tricks, there‘ s chance to increase information retention up[…]

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The Butt Wink has its Advantages…

Over the last years I have been asked numerous times about the Butt Wink. My answer is simple: The Butt Wink is to strength training, what butter is to nutrition. It has a bad reputation for no substantial reason… What is the Butt Wink? A brief posterior tilt of the[…]

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2 Things I Know For Sure About Training

1. In the end, the only thing that matters is progress Strength training is a numbers game. In the end, 4 numbers matter: RM load lifted, total load lifted, lean mass and bodyfat percentage. The first being the most important to ensure progress in the other 3. Especially in the[…]

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2 Things I Know For Sure About Nutrition

1. Carbs are neither good, nor bad – they are necessary, if you deserve them The 121kg Bodybuilder at 6% will tell you that you have to have carbs. Does that advice count for 86kg guy at 21%? Definetly not. Its not about carbs being good or bad. Assuming that[…]

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