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Introducing: „Improve your Arms“ Ebook

The second edition of the „Improve your…“ Series of YPSI Handbooks is finally available: What is the YPSI Handbook? This time the YPSI Handbook covers a major bodypart from two perspectives – the theoretical and practical. It includes detailed info on the Functional Anatomy of the Muscles involved – in this case the[…]

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Introducing: Strength and Mass Holiday Ebook

There are many online programs that promise results. Very few deliver. Despite their length of 6-12 weeks. The Strength and Mass Holiday is a mere 5 days. And it delivers. Consistently. Adding 3-5kg leanmass and loosing 2-4% is consider normal. Just ask someone who has done it before. So what[…]

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Conditioning through Strengthtraining for Athletes

Conditioning is defined as: „The ability to repeat a certain effort with minimal fatigue.“  In sports conditioning is needed to be able to repeat an effort which is the base of over 90% of the sports out there. Classic examples are sports like Soccer, Handball, Basketball, Ice hockey, Boxing, MMA and[…]

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Open Kinetic Chain vs. Closed Kinetic Chain

In 1875, the concept of the  Kinetic Chain originated when Franz Reuleaux a mechanical engineer concluded that if a series of overlapping segments were connected via pin joints, these interlocking joints would create a system that would allow the movement of one joint to affect the movement of another joint within[…]

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The Devils Triset

There is Supersets. There is Giantsets. And in between lies the Triset. A Triset are 3 sets of 3 exercises with 10-15 seconds in-between the 3 sets. The goal of a Triset is to move greater volume for more muscular damage as a base of more hypertrophy and improved conditioning. The Devlis Triset is[…]

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The YPSI Arm Holiday

Who follows the english articles on this is already familiar with the YPSI Squat Holiday… The Squat Holiday is a short, high-feequenvy training program that calls for 18 squat workouts in 6 days. Thats 3 workouts per day for almost a week. The body will react to this shorterm overreaching[…]

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