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Cortisol & Blood Sugar

Everyone who knows a bit about nutrition knows that the consumption of carbohydrates elevates blood sugar. Next to carbohydrates and also proteins there are five hormones that can also elevate blood sugar. Independent of carbohydrate consumption. What is blood sugar? From a chemical perspective blood sugar is not just some[…]

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Before’n’After #107 Files – Sven Knebel

The intent of the Before’n’After Files is to give more insight into the training, nutrition and supplementation of our clients Before’n’After successes. This time it’s Sven Knebel’s 18-week transformation in which he lost 10,5% body fat.  For Sven’s Before’n’After Pictures click here A sample day during Sven’s journey to this transformation looked[…]

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Eat Animal for Breakfast

Muesli is considered the classic healthy option, while grabbing something quick from the bakery is for those on the go. There’s only time for an egg on the weekend. But is muesli really that healthy? And is a sweet treat from the bakery truly the only fast solution? We are[…]

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Read more with GetAbstract

Theoretical knowledge is the base of practical success. Reading is an important pillar to gain theoretical knowledge. Especially in the early days of training and in some cases becoming a trainer and coach books are crucial as a base of education. During my early days I have read multiple hours[…]

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Now available: „Advanced Training Tips“

The first english print book is officially released. It is a translated and revised edition of „Dein bestes Training“ which became a Bestseller selling over 15,000 copies in german in the first 1,5 years. The english version has the title „Advanced Training Tips – 150 Tips from Germany’s most successful Strength Coach“ and contains 35[…]

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The Advantages of the Front Squat

The Front Squat is a great exercise for athletes and every intermediate to advanced lifter.  Its an exercises with many advantages. The three main ones are: 1. More muscle recruited – the Front Squat is more of a full body exercise, because the weight lies on the shoulders in front of the[…]

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