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Catering during the YPSI Training Camps and Seminars

From the next  YPSI Training Camp, YPSI Semi Private Internship YPSI Nutrition Seminar (Module 4) and the YPSI Modules 5-6 on, the Premium Meal Prep Service “Your Fitmeal” will exclusive cater meals for the participants of the Camps.

Your FitMeal, thats ready to eat meals. Every meal contains 300g high-quality „Animal“ and 200g high-quality „Plant“. Animal and Plant will rotate every meal. The ingredients are sourced locally. The Meals will prepared and packed by a procedure thats invented by Your Fitmeal, to maximize nutrient-density, food quality and taste. All meals are packed in vacuum-sealed BPA-free packages.

The meals are easy to heat. All you need ist a water cooker and a bowl that takes 1,5-2l water. Put the packages in the bowl, pour the boiling water on top, let it sit for 6-8 minutes and the food is ready to eat. No stove. No microwave. No special equipment needed. As an alternative you can also heat the food in a a pan or wok. In Combination with an AirBnb which we recommend as accommodation for the longer Camps and Seminars its the ideal and most efficient solution to get in a one or more meals a day.

One package contains 5 meals. About a week before the Camp/Seminar that you have signed up for you will receive a list with the meals for the next week. You can then order via email one or more packages. The price for one package is 69,50 Euro. The Fitmeal packages will be delivered directly to the YPSI were you can pick them up on the first day of the Camp/Seminar.

More info about Your Fitmeal here

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All the Best for the next YPSI Training Camp!

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