YPSI – Wolfgang Unsoeld

Konsultation – via Skype

Konsultation mit YPSI Head Coach Wolfgang Unsöld (50-60 Min.)               300 €

Via Skype. Konsultationen beinhalteten je nach Fall Trainings-, Supplement- und Ernährungsprogramm, zzgl. Supplements.

Eine Absage/Verschiebung des Termins ist bis 72h vor dem Termin möglich. Bei kurzfristigen Absagen stellen wir den Termin in Rechnung.

Alle Preise inkl. Mwst. Änderungen vorbehalten.


Consultation with YPSI Head Coach Wolfgang Unsöld (50-60 Min.)               300 €

Via Skype. Consultations include advice on training, nutrition, supplementation, business and any topic that is part of Wolfgang’s expertise.

All prices incl. 19% sales tax.


  1. Matan Kadim - 20. Juli 2016 12:53


    I have attended the Semi Private Internship at YPSI Gym in English during May.
    I would very much like to have a 1h consultation meeting with Wolfgang Unseold via Skype regarding some of my training, but supplementation as well.

    Would that be possible?

    Thank you!


    • Wolfgang Unsöld - 24. September 2016 13:11

      Hi Matan,

      Sure. Please sent us an Email and we will get you a appointment

      YPSI Team

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