JC Simo & YPSI Training Camp in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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JC Simo & YPSI Training Camp in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

5. Februar 2019 @ 10:00 - 7. Februar 2019 @ 16:00

This Post is written in english, since this YPSI Seminar will be held in english. Dieser Post ist in Englisch, da dieses YPSI Seminar in Englisch gehalten wird. 

* A week in the Caribbean paired with world-leading Training & Nutrition Education, the best Churrasco Steaks, juiciest Mangos and stunning Beaches.

* 3 lectures on Advanced Training Methods and Nutritional Strategies based on Real World Experience and Success with two of the currently most successful Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches in the World.

*Next to the 3 lectures there will be 5 workouts in 3 days. Each with a different training system for different body parts and different goals, from fatloss and functional hypertrophy to maximal strength and muscular balance. 

Content of the Seminar

1. Applied Biomechanics in Bodybuilding and Strengthtraining (JC Simo)

– The differences between systemic adaptation and specific adaptation
– Modifications of certain exercises in positions of the contact points, stance, grip, body position and implements to activate more muscle fibers
– Choosing different exercise variations to activate different neuromuscular channels
– Differences between exercises that transfer to joint mobility and exercises that transfer to power
– Advanced combinations of exercises to activate and develop muscles with basic exercises are left behind
– A look behind his favorite training methods and systems to develop strength and hypertrophy

2. Advanced Nutrition for Bodybuilding, Anti-Aging and Personaltraining (JC Simo)

– How to use food to influence biochemistry to loose fat and build muscle faster
– How to potentiate fat loss with the manipulation of macros and calories and meal frequency
– Principles to adjust the nutritional strategies according to the training plan
– The application of orthomolecular medicine and supplementation in Personaltraining and Bodybuilding
– Insulin sensitivity and how been insulin sensitivity is highly anabolic.
– Advanced life style management techniques

3. Functional Neurochemistry and its application in High Performance & Personaltraining (JC Simo)

– The influence of neurochemistry and neurotransmitters on wellbeing, performance and fatloss
– Functional assessment of neurochemistry on a continuous base
– Optimization of neurochemistry through supplementation, food and other tools
– Managing neurochemistry to maximize strength and hypertrophy gains with Athletes and Personaltraining Clients
– Managing neurochemistry to improve sleep
– Casestudies for the neurochemistry optimization protocols

There will be two workouts every day at the brand-new WorkoutRD 3.0 gym. Each of the workouts will be a different training system whose application, goals and effect will be explained in detail before every training session.

Course Conductor
Juan Carlos Simo

Tuesday till Thursday
5th till 7th of February 2019
Every day 10am till 6pm (until 4pm on the last day)

JC Simo Human Performance Center, Ave. Abraham Lincoln 958, Piantini. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

How to get there
Santo Domingo International Airport (SDQ) – 30min cab drive to the Holiday Inn

Where to stay
Holiday Inn
Air BnB

Where to eat
All recommended restaurants are within 10 min walk from the Holiday Inn

Carne & Co – Best Breakfast in town. Great Carpaccio. Fresh Bone Marrow. The best Omeletts. And Steaks.
Holiday Inn – Buffet in the hotel with a great Omelett Station and fresh, local Fruit.

Carne & Co – The best Carpaccio and Steaks. Try the Parmesan Risotto as a side.
Parrilada Don Nestor – Classic Dominican Open Air BBQ Place. Heaps of Meat. Try the Lomo Don Nestor and Yucca on the side.
Meat Lovers RD – Another Classic Dominican BBQ Place. Go for the Outside Seating in the back. Try the Churrasco Steak and Grilled Plantain on the side.

Regular Price – 1199 Euro net

Incl. detailed handout/notes, YPSI AminoElektrolytKomplex and Certificate

We offer a group discount of 15% for 5+ students signing up as group (one invoice, one payment).

If you like to extend your trip for a vacation after the Training Camp, we can give some great tips for eateries, beaches and hotels to visit.

To signup email us directly here

Picture: Las Terrenas beach north of Santo Domingo.


5. Februar 2019 @ 10:00
7. Februar 2019 @ 16:00


Human Performance Center


Human Performance Center
Ave. Abraham Lincoln 958,
Santo Domingo, Dominikanische Republik
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