YPSI Functional Nutrition for Neurotransmitters

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YPSI Functional Nutrition for Neurotransmitters

13. Juli 2019 @ 10:00 - 14. Juli 2019 @ 16:00

This Post is written in english, since this YPSI Seminar will be held in english. 

This seminar is all about Functional Neurochemistry for Personaltraining.

What are Neurotransmitters and what do they do?

Neurotransmitters are neurochemical messengers that transmit information between nerve cells. Since our nervous system controls and regulates our primary bodily functions in addition to hormonal balance, neurotransmitters have a great effect on cognitive and physical performance.

And on fatloss, sleep and training – as they also directly/indirectly regulate muscle contraction, sleep quality, stress management, regeneration, metabolism, testosterone, DHEA as well as drive, motivation, attention, concentration and much more. And thus have a great influence and our performance in everyday life and sports as well as our ability to build up muscles and strength and reduce body fat.

Since 2009 we at YPSI have based our nutrition and supplement recommendations as well as many training programs of each individual client and athlete on their neurotransmitter profile. In order to guarantee maximum progress and optimal performance, it is therefore crucial to include the neurotransmitter area in your work as a trainer.  For more progress and success…

In Module 4 of the YPSI Trainer A License the topic of neurotransmitters is briefly discussed.

This two-day seminar will give a much deeper insight into the science behind neurotransmitter, how to use food and supplements to regulate neurotransmitter levels and how to individually track neurotransmitter levels for each client and athlete to specifically address individual food and supplement protocols, to elevate training drive, progress in  training, improve sleep quality, optimize cognitive function and increase fatloss.

Contents of the seminar

– The influence of neurochemistry and neurotransmitters on wellbeing, performance and fatloss
– Functional assessment of neurochemistry on a monthly basis for optimal tracking, bookkeeping and to maximize the success of the protocols
– Optimization of neurochemistry through supplementation, food and other tools
– Managing neurochemistry to maximize strength and hypertrophy gains with Athletes and Personaltraining Clients
– Managing neurochemistry to improve sleep
– Casestudies for the neurochemistry optimization protocols

Bonus Content: Cutting-edge insights into using Neurotransmitters to dictate training programs or not using them for this purpose (incl. over 20 programs and multiple case studies of advanced YPSI Clients & Athletes)

Course Conductor – Wolfgang Unsoeld

Your Personal Strength Institute
Reinsburgstr. 82
70178 Stuttgart-West

How to get there
Stuttgart Airport (STR) – 21 min trainride
Stuttgart Mainstation – 6 min trainride

Where to stay 
Kronen Hotel
Hotel am Feuersee
Radisson Park Inn

Saturday – July 13th 2019 – 10.00 till 18.00
Sunday – July 14th 2019 – 10.00 till 16.00

Seminar Investment
Regular Price incl. YPSI Tool – 799 Euro plus 19% VAT
Early Bird Price Price – 649 Euro plus 19% VAT   (valid until 30 days before the seminar)

Incl. detailed Handout and Certificate

„English Week at the YPSI 2019“ Package Deal – book all 7 days and 5 seminars of the „English Week at the YPSI 2019“  including the „YPSI Tool Seminar“ incl. the YPSI Tool, „YPSI Weightlifting for Sports Workshop„, YPSI Strengthtraining & Sports Science Seminar with Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietmar Schmidtbleicher„, „YPSI Bodybuilding & Strengthtraining in Personaltraining Seminar with Juan Carlos Simo„, „YPSI Functional Nutrition for Neurotransmitters Seminar“ for 1999 Euro plus 19% sales tax and save over 350 Euro

To sign up email us directly here

*Cancelation and Refund are not possible. You can transfer your spot to another person under certain circumstances.


13. Juli 2019 @ 10:00
14. Juli 2019 @ 16:00


Your Personal Strength Institute


Your Personal Strength Institute

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