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YPSI Functional Nutrition on Continous Glucose Monitoring in Brugge, Belgium

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YPSI Functional Nutrition on Continous Glucose Monitoring in Brugge, Belgium

November 9 @ 9:00 - 17:00

This Post is written in english, since this event will be held in english.

Wolfgang Unsoeld is coming back to Belgium to teach a Functional Nutrition Seminar on the topic of Continous Glucose Monitoring. Continous Glucose Monitoring is using a device thats measures glucose levels every couple minutes 24 hours a day to determine individual blood glucose levels.

Managing blood glucose is key to fatloss. One option to manage blood glucose is to eat less carbs. Another option is to increase activity by increasing training volume and adding in intervals & cardio. Both options are basics for every trainer that wants his clients to loose body fat. They are the basic approaches. Basics only take one so far. Blood sugar needs to be managed more precisely and especially more individual to get faster results with less effort.

Not all carbohydrates, sugars and forms of training effect blood sugar the same.  The concept of the glycemic index and glycemic load shows that different carbohydrates and sugars have vastly altered effects on the blood sugar level. One of the most commonly used examples is that white bread leads to a greater blood sugar spike than a chocolate bar. On the other hand some sugars like from berries barely effect blood sugar. The glycemic index and glycemic load is a statistical analysis of the average effect of carbohydrates and sugars of a certain food and their effect on blood sugar level. Statistics are great, yet often useless in individual cases. This is where individual assessment and coaching comes into places.

Wolfgang has looked into Continous Glucose Monitoring for the last 4 years and has constantly used it with clients for the last 2 years. With exceptional results, especially when it comes to fine tuning nutrition, first and foremost allowing the client to eat much more carbohydrates while still getting leaner.

This seminar will detail his approach and findings, as well as how to use Continous Glucose Monitoring for your clients to get them in shape faster and more efficiently – while eating more carbohydrates than before in many cases.

Contents of the seminar

– How to use Continuous Glucose Monitoring to assess indivdual carbohydrate tolerance
– How to use Continuous Glucose Monitoring to finetine carbohydrate volume, timing and choice to speed up Fatloss and Body Comp results
– Nutritional Stragies to facilitate Body Comp Transformations based on Continuous Glucose Monitoring


Q-Life Personaltraining
Torhoutsesteenweg 107/2
8210 Zedelgem

Saturday November 9th 2019, 9-17

Early Bird Price – 299 Euro plus sales tax (valid until September 30th 2019)
Regular Price – 349 Euro plus sales tax (valid from October 1st 2019)

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November 9
9:00 - 17:00


Q-Life Personaltraining
Torhoutsesteenweg 107/2
Zedelgem, 8210 Belgien
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