YPSI Functional Nutrition Seminar for Strengthtraining & Bodybuilding

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YPSI Functional Nutrition Seminar for Strengthtraining & Bodybuilding

15. Juli 2018 @ 10:00 - 18:00

This Post is written in english, since this YPSI Seminar will be held in english. 

Nutrition is a complex topic. With many facets. There are major differences in nutrition for optimal health, nutrition for optimal wellbeing, nutrition for optimal mental and physical performance – and nutrition to get the most out of Strengthtraining & Bodybuilding. With the later being primarily targeted to increase strength or hypertrophy in the fastest way possible.

During the YPSI Module 4 we primarily teach our approach to nutrition for the general personaltraining client. Which is structured and progressive approach to nutrition to increase wellbeing as well as cognitive and physical everyday performance while improving body composition and progress in the gym. Which is the majority of our work at the YPSI.

This 1day course on Functional Nutrition Seminar for Strengthtraining & Bodybuilding will put the spotlight on a more extreme facets of nutrition as well as their application a regular personal training scenario.

Content of the seminar

– How to use Continous Glucose Monitoring to fine-tune and maximize Carbohydrate choice, timing and consumption
– How to use food to influence biochemistry to loose fat and build muscle faster
– How to potentiate fat loss with the manipulation of macros and calories
– Principles to adjust the nutritional strategies according to the training plan
– Nutritional strategies and diet plans for bodybuilding
– Specific strategies for rapid size gains
– Eating for strength vs. eating for size and bodybuilding – what is the difference?
– The application of orthomolecular medicine and supplementation

This seminar will be 100% theory due to the nature of the topic.

Course Conductor – Wolfgang Unsoeld

Sunday – July 15th 2018 – 10am till 6pm 
Your Personal Strength Institute

Reinsburgstr. 82

70178 Stuttgart-West

How to get there
Stuttgart Airport (STR) – 21 min trainride
Stuttgart Mainstation – 6 min trainride
Where to stay 
Kronen Hotel
Hotel am Feuersee
Radisson Park Inn
Regular Price – 399 Euro plus 19% salestax 
YPSI Advanced Ultimate Package 2018 – 2099 Euro plus 19% sales tax for all 3 seminars from July 11th till 15th including YPSI Applied Biomechanics in Strengthtraining & BodybuildingYPSI Advanced Program Design & Periodization (english) and YPSI Functional Nutrition Seminar for Strengthtraining & Bodybuilding
Incl. detailed handout/notes, YPSI AminoElektrolytKomplex and Certificate 
To register email to training@keinfitnessstudio.de 


15. Juli 2018
10:00 - 18:00


Your Personal Strength Institute


Your Personal Strength Institute

Reinsburgstr. 82

Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg 70178 Deutschland
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