YPSI Intervaltraining Program Design & Periodization in Hasselt, Belgium (english)

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YPSI Intervaltraining Program Design & Periodization in Hasselt, Belgium (english)

23. Februar 2019 @ 10:00 - 24. Februar 2019 @ 16:00

This Post is written in english, since this event will be held in english.

Intervaltraining is an essential aspect of training programs that supplement strength training.

And the design and periodization of Intervaltraining is definitely one of the most underrated and overlooked aspects of personal training.

Trainers and Coaches need to respect Intervaltraining more and they need to start to program and periodize on a level similar than strengthtraining to get the best results with their clients and athletes from the Intervaltraining.

At the YPSI we use different types of Intervaltraining depending on the status and goals of our clients and athletes.

Implementing a structured and progressive approach to Intervaltraining that allows and facilitates measurable progress is essential to the success of Intervaltraining. Just making someone breathe heavy, sweat and hurt is not. Since 2017 I am teaching a full 2day course on the aspects of Intervaltraining. How to design and periodize the individual modalities such as sprints, air bike and modified strongman training in detail including sample programs, case studies and a structured approach to programming that can be applied by any personal trainer with their clients and athletes. For more fatloss, greater conditioning, more endurance or just to get faster…

Contents of the Seminar

– The 3 Energy Systems – A practical view on the production of energy in muscles and cells

– The Cori Cycle – Its task and how to use the cori cycle to maximize its significant role in fatloss

– Power vs. Capacity – The analysis of the two primary goals of Program Design of Intervaltraining in Personaltraining

– Fatloss vs. Conditioning – Clear definitions of the difference and their application

– The main modalities of Intervaltraining:

-> Jogging, Running, Sprinting – Differences, advantages, applications and example programs

-> Wattbike/Spinnning-BIke – Differences, advantages, applications and example programs

-> Air Bike – Differences, advantages, applications and example programs

-> Modified Strongman Training (MST)

– Differences and advantages of MST –  incl. example programs for different scenarios and goals

– The primary training effect and the advantages of specific exercises in MST – like Farmers Walk, Prowler, Schlitten, Tire Flip and Yolk

– The primary training effect and the advantages of specific exercise variations in MST – High or low handle on the prowler, bent and extended arms on the prowler, pulling a sled backwards or forward, etc.

-> Further modalities of Intervaltraining – Rowing machine, crosstrainer, treadmill and ergometer – their advantages and applications

– How to structure, program and periodize MetCons and Energy System Work for Crossfit

– Training for a Half-Marathon, Marathon & Triathlon – a perspective on maximizing training output & efficiency.

– Supplementation specific to Intervaltraining – Which supplements are the best and most useful for Intervaltraining?

– The Periodization of Intervaltraining – the effective and progressive approach to built different Intervaltraining program onto each other

Incl. over 40 example programs as well as a brief practical session, where volunteers can try different modalities and protocols in real life

Saturday, 23rd Februar 2019 – 10.00 till 18.00
Sunday, 24th Februar 2019 – 10.00 till 16.00

Functional Body Trainingcenter
Diepenbekerweg 22/1
3500 Hasselt

How to get there
Zaventem Brussels International Airport (BRU) – 1h drive/train ride to the seminar location

Where to stay  
Lodge Hotel Hasselt
The Century, Hasselt

Seminar Investment 
Regular Price – 749 plus 19% sales tax (full payment after February 1st 2019)
Early Bird – 599 Euro plus 19% sales tax (full payment until January 31st 2019)

Incl. Water, YPSI AminoElektroytKomplex, detailed Handout and Certificate

To register email uns directly here

Picture: Sven Knebel did four strength training sessions plus up to 6 intervaltraining sessions per week during his 18 week transformation.

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23. Februar 2019 @ 10:00
24. Februar 2019 @ 16:00


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Functional Body Trainingcenter
Diepenbekerweg 22/1
Hasselt, 3500 Belgien
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