YPSI Movement Analysis & Injury Pre-/Rehabilitation (Module 5)

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YPSI Movement Analysis & Injury Pre-/Rehabilitation (Module 5)

Oktober 16 @ 10:00 - 18:00

This Post is written in english, since this YPSI Seminar will be held in english. 

* The first time YPSI Head Coach Wolfgang Unsoeld will teach the Module 5 of the YPSI Trainer Certification – the YPSI Movement Analysis & Injury Pre-/Rehabilitation Seminar – in english

* Everything you need to know about efficient Assessments & Quick Fixes as well as how to structure Training, Supplements and Food for  Injury Pre-/Rehabilitation to get the most efficient Results – based on Real World Success

* How to use Assessments & Quick Fixes in the Personaltraining & Consultation Setting to optimize Training for faster Fatloss, more Hypertrophy and more Strength

* 1 Day Seminar live at the YPSI plus Online Lectures upfront packed with Information on Movement Analysis, Assessment, Screens & Trainingsprograms, Food and Supplements for Injury Pre-/Rehabilitation for maximal Results in Theory and Practice

* Lectures on Injury Pre-/Rehabilitation from different perspectives including training programs, case studies, exercise progressions for the fastest and most efficient Results in the Personaltraining & Consultation Setting…

Content of the Seminar

Movement Analysis, Assessments & Screening

– Over 22 of the most relevant Tests for Flexibility, Mobility and Stability of the major joints

– Various Methoden to optimize Flexibility, Mobility and Stability based on results of the Tests

– Movement Analysis of the Major Exercises – Squats, Deadlifts, Benchpress and Pullups/Chinups

– Real World vs. Theory –  which Methods lead to fast, efficient and sustainable improvements Flexibility, Mobility and Stability in the real world – and which don’t

Day 1 ist 90% Practical. All particpants will do all tests –  as a Coach and as Trainee – in small groups for optimal learning experience

Injury Pre-/Rehabilitation

– Optimal Exercise Selection and Periodisation for Pre-Rehabilitation of Back-, Knee- and Shoulderinjuries

– Case Studies Rehabilitation – Exercise Selection, Trainings Parameters and Periodisation

– Optimal Supplementation and Food to maximise the Recovery and minimize Recovery Time

– Optimal Prehabilitation of the most Injuries such as Bicpes-Supraspinatustendonitis, Low Back Pain, Groin-Tears, ACL-, Quad- and Hamstring-Tears.

This seminar combines a full day live at the YPSI with Online Lectures that each student will get access to upfront. Each student will get a 12 month access to the online lectures of this Module.

Your Personal Strength Institute
Reinsburgstr. 82
70178 Stuttgart-West

How to get there
Stuttgart Airport (STR) – 21 min trainride
Stuttgart Mainstation – 6 min trainride

Where to stay 
Kronen Hotel
Hotel am Feuersee
Radisson Park Inn

Sunday 16th October 2022 – 10.00 till 18.00

Seminar Investment
Regular Price – 749 plus 19% sales tax (full payment received after 4 weeks before the seminar)
Early Bird – 599 Euro plus 19% sales tax (full payment received before 4 weeks before the seminar)

Incl. Water, YPSI AminoElektroytKomplex, detailed handout and certificate

Full YPSI A-Licence Package – book the full YPSI A-Licence incl. the YPSI Semi Private Internship (Module 1 to 3), YPSI Nutrients, Hormones & Skinfolds Seminar (Module 4), YPSI Movement Analysis & Injury Pre-Rehabilitation (Module 5)YPSI Sportspecific Training & Busines (Module 6) and the A-Licence Exam  for 3999 Euro plus 19% sales tax and save over 400 Euro

*To receive the YPSI A-Licence a student also has to complete the YPSI Module 1-3 of the YPSI Semi-Private Internship

To sign up Email us here or via the contact form here


Oktober 16
10:00 - 18:00


Your Personal Strength Institute

Reinsburgstr. 82

Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg 70178 Deutschland
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