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YPSI Tool Seminar (2 days)

12. Dezember 2016 @ 10:00 - 13. Dezember 2016 @ 15:00

This Post is written in english, as the 2 day YPSI Tool Seminar will be held in english.

The 2 day YPSI Tool Seminar will teach you how to use the YPSI Tool to optimize Mobility and Flexibility and gives a practical insight with many Tests, Techniques and Tricks, specifically tailored to the Personaltrainer and Strength Coach as well as the Advanced Trainee…

What is the YPSI Tool?

The YPSI Tool is a handmade creditcard-size tool made from local pear-wood which is treated with local flaxseed oil three times to ensure longevity and optimal grip when using the Tool to optimize Mobility and Flexibility using different Massage Techniques to release Fascia.

The YPSI Tool is the next step in the evolution of Tools. There are currently over 28 types of Tools and the market. At the YPSI we have used multiple of them in last years with good to great results. Every Tool we used has certain disadvantages, especially in a Personaltraining Setting. Early this year, there was the point where it was time to develop our Tool that eliminates all these disadvantages. With Holz-Fit we found a competent Partner. After 5 Prototypes that Wolfgang Unsoeld developed the final version of the YPSI Tool was created…

The 6 Advantages of the YPSI Tool

The 6 main Advantages of the YPSI Tool are:

– The YPSI Tool is made from wood which is naturally anti-microbial. Saves you quite some time disinfecting the tool all the time.

– With its size and shape its easy to grab and use. Especially when you use it longer and more frequently its easy on grip, forearm and shoulders..

– The YPSI Tool has 6 different Edges and 6 different Corners. They allow sniper-like precision and a broad spectrum of areas to use the Tools  – from Rectus Femoris to Extensor Carpi Ulnaris Brevis.

– The natural texture of pear-wood which the YPSI Tool is made of allows multiple techniques. From the Release of the Fascia via Friction to using more pressure to increase Circulation of the Softtissue. No other Tool offers such a broad spectrum in techniques and applications.

– The size of the YPSI Tool makes it perfect for your pocket, so its always ready for use during a training session. On yourself or your Clients and Athletes.

– The YPSI Tool is a very user-friendly Investment.

Content of the Seminar

– Over 15 specific Tests and Assessments of Mobility and Flexibility that can be used in a Personaltraining Setting

– Different Techniques of the YPSI Tools

– How to use the YPSI Tool in specific Areas of the most common Deficiencies and Limitations of Mobility and Flexibility

Targetgroup – Personaltrainers, Athletictrainers, Fitnesstrainers, Sportstudents and Physiotherapists, that want gain a deeper inisght in how to optimize Mobility and Flexibility in a Personaltraining Setting using specific Tests and Assessments and how to optimize those using the YPSI Tool for greater and more sustainable Results with their Clients.

 –  Monday 10am till 6pm on 12th December 2016 and 10am till 3pm on Tuesday 13th December 2016

 – Your Personal Strength Institute
, Reinsburgstr. 82
, 70178 Stuttgart

Hotels and Restaurants – Recommendations in Stuttgart

Regular Price – 999 Euro plus. 19% VAT incl. YPSI Tool*

Early Bird Price – 699 Euro plus. 19% VAT incl. YPSI Tool  (Valid with full payment until 30th October)*

If you already have a YPSI Tool 100 Euro will be deducted off the Seminar Fee.

Incl. detailed Handout, YPSI AminoElektrolytKomplex and Certificate

To sign up email to training(at)keinfitnessstudio.de

*Cancelation and Refund are not possible. You can transfer your spot to another person under certain circumstances



12. Dezember 2016 @ 10:00
13. Dezember 2016 @ 15:00


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