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The Lemon Acid Alkaline Challenge Test

The Acid Alkaline Balance has been a hot topic for years. Normalizing acid in the body is absolutely critical for you to be healthy, vital and to make fast progress in the gym. Whats often overlooked is that the body is very efficient at normalizing acid alkaline balance by itself. Food has actually no relevant negative effect on the Acid Alkaline Balance. Still, food can have a positive effect on the  Acid Alkaline Balance by supporting the bodies mechanism of regulating the Acid Alkaline Balance. Which makes the management of Acid Alkaline Balance the primary aspect of concern.

And when it comes to managing the Acid Alkaline Balance there are two major questions to ask:

How much Acid do we produce?

There are two primary types of acid in the body. The one we look at in the case of managing acid is metabolic acid. Which can be considered „bad“ acid. We produce that acid every single second we are alive and breathing as its a byproduct of energy production. Challenging the Acid Alkaline Balance by consistently produce higher levels of acid will compromise many metabolic functions. First and foremost energy production. Everyone who has ran a 400m sprint or done any type of lactic acid type of training has experience this first hand.

Many factors increase acid production in the body with stress, physical work and toxins being the three most relevant ones. And we are expose to them constantly.

Which means the body is constantly managing the Acid Alkaline Balance, primarily by buffering the acid produced. Which directly leads to the next even more important question:

How fast can we regain optimal Acid Alkaline Balance?

And this aspect what I am interested in the most. Lowering what upregulates acid production through stress management as well improved hepatic biotransformation and gut health are crucial. When we produce acid though we want the body to handle it very well and efficiently.

The body needs to be handle to manage its Acid Alkaline Balance fast an efficiently. An excellent practical test that I have learned from Functional Medicine Expert Dr. Rakowski is the Lemon Acid Alkaline Challenge Test. It specifically test the bodies ability to buffer acid.

How to perform the Lemon Acid Alkaline Challenge Test

What you need:

A glass of water

A shot glas of lemon juice, fresh or from a glas bottle

Seven pH testing strips (get them from a pharmacy or online)

How to do it:

1. At least 2 hours after a meal or upon waking rinse your mouth with some water.

2. Use a pH strip and test the pH of the saliva. This is your baseline pH.

3. Take the shot glas full of lemon juice and rinse your mouth for 30 seconds and then swallow it

4. Use pH strip right after and test the pH of the saliva.

5. Then every minute for the next 5 minutes retest the the pH of the saliva with another pH strip.

6. Compare the strips. Your pH should have gone back to baseline within 5 minutes.

If the pH does not go to baseline or even stay at the same level for the full 5 minutes, you have failed the test.

It shows a compromised ability of the body to buffer the acid.

If you fail this test I highly recommend to increase the intake alkaline minerals, add a greens drink, increase your vegetable consumption and increase protein consumption. All four interventions address and support the two primary buffering pathways of the body.

Retake the test every month to measure and manage the results.

The primary subjective improvements one feels by improving the Acid Alkaline Balance is increase energy and vitality as well as better sleep and faster recovery from training. Which makes the Acid Alkaline Balance a backbone of improvements in Body Comp and Strength.

Do the Lemon Acid Alkaline Challenge Test, then improve it.

Picture: A lemon.

Lemon Acid Alkaline Challenge Test Bob Rakowski

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